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Over 20 years experience in groundworks!

I have been doing ground-working, hard landscaping, road surfacing and civil engineering 

for over 20 years, both for local councils and private companies, in the UK and France. 

In 2017, I started my own business in Cambridge and now enjoy being my own boss, dealing with interesting landscaping challenges from small private work to larger commercial projects.

Dedicated to quality

My real passion and expertise is block paving. 

I love working with natural stone, and enjoy the challenge of coaxing regular-shaped paving into the beautiful curves that customers request.  

I also enjoy taking a project from the initial plan in a customer's head to seeing them enjoy the final 3D garden.


Simon came to look at my driveway which had some bad flooding. 

The advice he gave was surprising. He suggested we did not go for any of the major drainage schemes which we expected to choose (and would have gone for if he had suggested). He explained carefully how the problem would keep on happening even with new drainage unless the highways agency sorted out the capacit​y of their drain. I think he has potentially saved me thousands of pounds and a lot of stress and worry. He is knowledgeable, very helpful and straightforward.

Mind you, the highways agency is not quick to sort it out!

Ms L, Saffron Walden 2017

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