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Fishponds, Water Features & Lakes - Installation & Maintenance
I have several years experience installing and maintaining fishponds, water features and lakes, from my own pond at home to installing small back garden wildlife ponds using reclaimed materials or a pre-cast shape, to building large swims and predator fencing at commercial carp lakes.

Garden Ponds & Water Features

I enjoy the challenge of installing a new fishpond, not just the creativity of the groundworks, but the technicality of the water pump and filter systems, and of course the care of the fish themselves.

I have a regular local client who has an established ornamental fish pond, which I help maintain throughout the year, routinely cleaning it out, checking the pump/filter systems are working correctly and that the fish are healthy.
















Commercial fisheries obviously offer a different challenge due to the large scale of the groundworks. 


I previously worked for a Fenland fishery helping build swims as well as installing predator fencing and planting trees.  I have also installed predator fencing for a domestic lake too.


I'm also experienced in water testing, diagnosing and treating fish ailments, and issues such as green water/algae.

Commercial Fisheries


Free Estimate

Contact me and I am happy to make a convenient appointment to do a site visit and discuss your project before providing a detailed estimate free of charge. I can work from a pencil-sketch or fully designed plans. For larger projects I often request a deposit before work starts, and I always provide a detailed invoice when the job is completed. 
I am happy to answer queries at any point in the project and to advise on what materials/suppliers you might consider using.
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