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My Commercial Services

As my own yard is in central Cambridge I can offer a variety of groundwork and hard landscaping services to local businesses in the city and beyond




Hard landscaping solutions:  Fencing, decking and bicycle/smoking shelters



Permeable surfacing solutions:  Service yards, car parking areas and access driveways



More hard landscaping solutions: Problem solving and advice plus discreet installation and concrete or tarmac resurfacing

Drainage solutions: Problem solving and advice plus discreet installation/reinstatement and resurfacing

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Free Estimate

Contact me and I am happy to make a convenient appointment to do a site visit and discuss your project before providing a detailed estimate free of charge. I can work from a pencil-sketch or fully designed plans. For larger projects I often request a deposit before work starts, and I always provide a detailed invoice when the job is completed. 
I am happy to answer queries at any point in the project and to advise on what materials/suppliers you might consider using.
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